How to use the MPNP online application tool

The online application tool provides expedited processing for MPNP applicants in priority streams. Before you log in, read this page’s instructions to ensure that you are ready to start.
When you follow the link at the bottom of this page you will log in to a website hosted by the Government of Manitoba that secures and protects your information. To create an account you require an e-mail address.
You do not need to complete your application in one sitting. You can log off and return any time within 90 days of creating your account. The information you entered previously is saved.
Each webpage in the online tool has fields in which you type the requested information. If you need clarification click the “information” icon beside the field.
Buttons on each page provide instructions on how to Add and Save information and how to move to the Next page.
Each page has its own Help link at the top right of the page. Clicking that link will open a Help window that explains what information is being requested on the page.
The Forms & Documents section of the application tool will guide you on what supporting documents to upload. You will need to scan documents, such as birth certificates and educational transcripts, to PDF or image format in order to upload them.
An e-mail link is provided if you have a technical question about the application tool.
Thank you for your interest in Manitoba. We look forward to receiving your MPNP application.
Click the Next arrow to log-in to the MPNP application tool.

Manitoba PNP
Canadian immigration success story

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program continues to bring skilled workers from around the world to join our province’s strong economy and vibrant communities. This economic immigration program, which expedites processing of immigrants by selecting nominees based on local labour market needs – the first such program in Canada – is exemplary for the success achieved by newcomers to Manitoba, according to the Institute for Research on Public Policy.
Except for the adoption of minimum language requirements for lower-skilled applicants, the Manitoba PNP isnot affected by recent immigration policy changes by the Government of Canada.

Helpful resources and information

The pages and links in this section contain news and notices about the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, supplementary resources, and information for Manitoba Supporters of MPNP applicants, for immigration representatives.


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